👋 hi, my name is rena

i am a senior level product designer with a background in product management. i love working on complex products and strive to bring clarity and joy to workflows that, traditionally, don't have a strong emphasis on user experience. currently, i am designing the next generation of web development tools at gatsbyjs. previously, i've worked at early stage startups like statmuse, middle stage startups like 15five and barkbox, and larger companies like cloudbees, citibank, and standard & poors. i am also a 2012 graduate of MIT.

i believe that design sits on the edge of both science and art and that is why i approach design with a balanced mindset that focuses both on data & research and human behavior & feeling. when it comes to the design cycle, i like to move fast; i think that the best user experiences are created through multiple, iterative cycles where there is a constant stream of real, user feedback. in terms of processes, i am a strong believer that better processes = more efficiency and clarity for the team; however, designers will frequently be encountered with the lack of structure and time and that is when resourcefulness and flexibility are necessary in order to influence strategy and get things out the door.

i am not a classically trained designer, and found myself in this career after a lot of soul searching and trying to understand what brings me joy everyday. i made a lot of mistakes along the way and frequently felt lost so a huge passion of mine is helping others more easily transition into product design. if you're looking to make the move or need any help, don't hesitate to reach out!

besides design stuff, i love traveling (and travel hacking), soaking up nature, obsessing over my 🐱, tony montana, and watercoloring over @renamakesart. i currently live in 📍dallas, tx with my husband, but we like imagining what it would be like to live in the pacific northwest in the future.